IT Outsourcing

As your business expands, it is important to focus on your core capabilities. You require the best IT resources to help your key business operations as you grow. A secure and efficient IT infrastructure has emerged as an important element for business growth and success.

IT Maintenance Services

Having the proper technical support is the key for businesses today as downtime directly affects productivity and cost. ENX IT Maintenance Services promises maximum support with minimum downtime.

We believe preventive maintenance to be the key to productivity success. It is through understanding your IT hardware and optimizing it to its most stable performance that we will be able to achieve.

  • Installing and configuring new hardware/software
  • Apply critical updates, patches and services packs on Desktops/Servers
  • Phone helpdesk and remote desktop support
  • Schedule routine on-site visits for service helpdesk

We have a team of technical engineers specialized in various system and software knowledge that allows us to provide a delivery model to a total outsourcing solution.