Business Software

Ensys – A unified platform solution for all your integration needs

Ensys introduced the “custom development” function module, through a number of special processes, conditions or circumstances to customize a solution to meet the specific demand of enterprise.

JadeFolio – HR Software

JadeFolio integrates HR application software to create an integrated HR solution for small businesses in Singapore and Malaysia. Our aim is to streamline HR functions onto a single database to create the best, most relevant and most reliable HR solution – so that you and HR can focus on contributing more strategically in the company’s core business.

OA – Maritime Online Management

OA International Maritime Online Management System is a set of international express shipping online management platform developed by ENX ASIA. It is easy to use, simple in design and friendly in mobile devices. Whether you’re importing or exporting, OA has your international shipping covered port to port or door to door in full container loads or less than a container loads.